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Therese Tsang is a blooming artist 

Therese Tsang, a blooming artist


I'm an artist. I am now 10 TEN YEARS OLD. I started composing music at 5 years old. I draw and I make clay, too.  I may seem week but tough. I like art because it really gets out all of my feelings.


I compose music because I want to do something to express myself to the world. I just felt nice to express in my own way. 


Art is nice because art can be different. Art can have nature and art can have indoor things. You can paint a landscape, you can paint a person. You can paint whatever you want. You can sculpt, use your imagination, or paint something around you. Art is fun. And art is hard sometimes, but always feel that you are an amazing artist. 

 Since I have to be sometimes doing stuff on the computer, I may need some help to get into the account because my dad locks it up, and that is a true fact. ( even if I'm ten)


I am going to sell my work study in different kinds of art. of all different kinds of art. Small, big, and even sideways.  I am going to sell nature artwork, story artwork, amazing painter's artwork, music artwork and much more. I am going to save up the money.


Now, I am telling you the story of how I started this. It all started when my mom convinced me to do my own art website and then I agreed. Why did my mom ask me to start my own art website?  Because she thinks I compose music so well and can draw and make clay so well. Many grown-ups said my music is so beautiful and my drawings look pretty. Like in the old days, painters sell their pictures to make money. 


From mom: Therese asked me to type out the above paragraphs.  6/17/2017

I am now ten and  I did it myself.I have changed and decided to take another approach to my money: saving it up.

If you want to keep up with me, follow me on my blog. ;)


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