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What are you being for Halloween this year? Or are you not? Post in the comments below.


Sorry for not posting for a long time but, my album has just been released!( In Itunes ! )

Swords in AJPW

There are not as many swords then wings but there are enough to talk about. Here are just a few. Phantom sword:used...

Wings in AJPW

If you all don't know,AJPW has some cool things for your animal. Today I'm going to tall about some of them, also known as wings. Griffin...

Rosh hasnaha!



Sorry I havn't posted in a while will make up for it.

If you were wondering

If you were wondering, yes I do play AJPW,Bunny Borrow,AJ Jump,and not yet,Dash Tag. (Still trying to get it.) #AJgames

Back to school pool party!

Guess what?There is actually a Back to school pool party at my class mates house! Of course we have a end of school year pool party,(if I...


Sorry but school starts soon.. and so I wont be posting that much as i'm going to 5th grade. So... I will still continue posting when i'm...

Non Member Rares

There are many non member rares,but here are just some rares that AJ decided to make for all jammers.See more nonmember rares at...

My other account

I also have another account called moonnlighttt and its non member. so I will be talking about some nonmeber struggles. Just because I...

Coming Soon!

Not only is school coming up but I have an music album coming out near fall! It will be my first one! Also sorry for not publishing for a...

So sorry

I forgot to tell you guys but I made it in to the USA kung fu team! I tried for the USA j.r wushu kung fu team but I didn't make it....


Another one of my friends is having her birthday party today! Please wish her a happy b-day #summerbirthday #birthdayoverload


You may not know,but I play this online virtual called Animal Jam,and I would like to share with you some cool facts.The reason why I...

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you'll have the best time,as it will be only cloudy in where I live! #hope4ththefireworks

It was my friend's B-day

Pls wish my friend a happy belated birthday , she just move to Washington DC, and had her favorite ice cream Mango Mango!(She was also...

Its my B-day!

Its my birthday this July!And i'm happy to say i'm turning 10! #Bestbdayever


Hi!Nice to meet you all.This is where you can stay up to date with all the things i'm doing.

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